ARRALYZE CellShepherd®

Never before has it been this easy and affordable to conduct functional assays of large cell populations at the single cell level and isolate outstanding cells alive.

The ARRALYZE platform consists of a high-precision workstation - the CellShepherd - for printing, imaging, analyzing and isolating single cells, which works seamlessly with our nanoliter glass well arrays.

ARRALYZE Features - All in One Device

Dispensing of single cells

Live cell imaging

Cell extraction

1. Gentle Dispensing

Dispense precisely into glass nanowell arrays.

  • Automated dispensing of single cells, cell populations and particles
  • Gentle as hand pipetting for high cell viability
  • Gain confidence by immediate well imaging and recording


3. Precise Isolation

Isolate the content of wells while maintaining viability.

  • Gently extract single cells and supernatant
  • Non-destructive process preserving cell integrity


5. Sterile Interior

Safety and protection in a compact footprint

  • Integrated biosafety enclosure without compromising performance

2. Fast Imaging

Monitor your cells in a fully controlled environment.

  • High quality images in real time
  • Conduct time-resolved measurements with ease
  • Brightfield and three fluorescence channels


4. Fully Climate-Controlled Environment

Achieve physiological-like conditions for your cells.

  • Controlled settings for temperature, humidity and CO2 levels
  • Flexible in (co)-culturing for hours and days


Fields of Application

  • Cell and Gene Therapy
  • Monoclonal Antibodies
  • Cell Line Development
  • Synthetic Biology
  • And many more single cell experiments
Logo: ARRALYZE  LPKF Laser & Elektronics
Logo: ARRALYZE  LPKF Laser & Elektronics