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Digital Cell Biology

Functional assays
of large cell populations
at the single cell level

Large Scale Functional Time-Resolved
Single Cell Experiments

ARRALYZE® is the ultimate cell screening platform

Modern cell biology developments often require to screen large cell populations at the single cell level. ARRALYZE uses extremely miniaturized wells in glass to dispense cells in an inert environment, gently examine them and isolate individual single cells alive - all in only one device. The combination of gentle, economical and as far as possible in vivo -like methods makes ARRALYZE a unique tool for screening large cell populations with the unprecedented ability to study cell-cell interaction at the single cell level with time-resolved functional assays.

Cell Therapy

The field of cell therapy focuses on applying living cells to fight serious diseases like cancer. In addition to studying cell-cell interactions, the main hurdle is how to identify, generate and isolate cells with particularly outstanding properties. To achive this, large populations of cells have to be investigated by gentle methods on the single-cell level. A task for which ARRALYZE is ideally suited.

Antibody Therapeutics

Monoclonal antibodies (mAb) have become an important and very efficient tool in modern medicine. They are used extensively to treat cancer, autoimmune- or infectious diseases. However, the development of the monoclonal antibodies is a tedious and costly process despite the advancements made in the last decades. In all cases, screening of large numbers of samples or cell populations is needed. The high well density and versatility of ARRALYZE allows basically everyone to perform cost effective and high quality development in this field.

Cell Line Development

Cell line development (CLD) is a well established process of using genetic engineering to modify cells to produce specific proteins. These proteins are mostly deployed as so-called "biologics" in modern medicine, where they can be used in a much more targeted manner than classical "small molecules". The development of cell lines is not only a very cost- and labor intensive process, but also requires a lot of time. In the highly competitive biotech sector, better and faster processes are needed to develop more efficient cell lines in order to outperform the competition. ARRALYZE has made it its core mission to provide our customers with the tools to thrive in this environment.

Synthetic Biology

Synthetic biology (SynBio), like cell line development, uses genetic engineering methods to create systems that have artificial properties. Unlike cell line development, SynBio does not just modify or introduce single genes into organisms, but creates designed biological active systems or even living cells. However, both fields have in common that a large number of samples have to be screened - and this on the level of the smallest aggregated functional unit (e.g. single cells). The capabilities ARRALYZE provides make it one of the most useful tools in any SynBio lab.

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