The ARRALYZE® Platform

One device for dispensing,
screening and isolation of
single cells

The ARRALYZE® Platform

Never before has it been this easy and affordable to conduct functional assays of large cell populations at the single cell level and isolate outstanding cells alive.

The ARRALYZE platform consists of a high-precision workstation - the CellShepherd - for printing, imaging, analyzing and isolating single cells, which works seamlessly with our nanoliter glass well arrays.

ARRALYZE CellShepherd®

On the footprint of one microscope slide the CellShepherd® enables you to conduct thousands of experiments in nanoliter glass wells with our ARRALYZE® arrays simultaneously.

Features and Fields of Application*

Gentle and Fast Handling of Biomaterials

  • Printing of pL and nL volumes
  • Printing of living cells
  • Fully automated drop calibration
  • High precision recovery of biomaterial and cells from wells
  • Sterile environment


Optical Inspection

  • Automated cell count
  • Process control
  • Droplet size calibration


Microscopic Analysis

  • Bright field
  • Phase contrast
  • Fluorescence


Environment Control

  • Temperature
  • Humidity

* Depending on configuration; additional options on request.


  • Microtiter formats (e. g. 96-, 384-, 1536 well plates)
  • Microscope slides
  • Cell culture dishes
  • Other formats on request


ARRALYZE® Glass Arrays

  • Automatic recognition of chip layout
  • Automatic position alignment
  • Highly customizable layout
  • Inert glass environment


Fields of Application

  • Cell therapy
  • Monoclonal antibodies (mAb)
  • Cell line development (CLD)
  • Synthetic biology (SynBio)
  • And many more single cell experiments


ARRALYZE CellShepherd (pdf - 112 KB)

ARRALYZE® Nanoliter Well Arrays

The heart of the ARRALYZE® technology are our glass arrays. Beside our standard product portfolio customized arrays are also available. Contact us for consultation and to request a quotation.

High precision for high throughput

With the ground-breaking LIDE technology we can introduce high-aspect ratio microfeatures absolutely defect free into thin glass. The microfeatures can be wells or more complex shapes such as pockets with arbitrary shapes, channels or grooves. Feature size can range from ten micrometers to several hundred micrometers.

Our unique high precision, high throughput LIDE process is compatible with most commercial glass types. Since LIDE is a digital process you can even design your own arrays that match your experiment. Of course, you can also pick a design from our portfolio. Take advantage of the benefits that glass as an inert and highly transparent material offers and start your functional cell experiments right away.


No need to compromise on the number of experiments

  • Reduce costs due to small sample volumes
  • Well dimensions to fit single cells and cell clusters
  • High number of parallel experiments due to small footprint


We put freedom of design back into your assays

  • Arrays can be tailored to your experiment
  • Most silicon dioxide-based glass types possible
  • Wide range of shapes and dimensions for wells feasible


You should trust your experimental results!

  • Our chips are 100 % glass, an ideal material for bio sciences
  • Contamination due to diffusion suppressed completely
  • No depletion of reagents into glass matrix

Layout examples (top view)

Circular wells

  • min. diameter: 20 µm
  • min. spacing: 10 µm
  • max. aspect ratio (depth:diameter): 40:1

Arbitrary shapes

  • min. diameter: 200 µm
  • min. spacing: 10 µm
  • max. depth: 700 µm

Well shapes (cross-section view)

From left to right: flat bottom well, tapered bottom well, conical well, dimpled bottom well.

For more information about our glass manufacturing process follow this link.


ARRALYZE Glass Arrays (pdf - 137 KB)

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