Pico- or nanoliter glass wells for high content screening with ARRALYZE<sup>®</sup>

ARRALYZE® Technology

The Ultimate Workstation for
Dispensing, Imaging, and
Isolating Single Cells

Next Generation Single Cell Screening

Bringing the Right Cells to Light

Applications in the fields of cell therapy, antibody therapeutics, cell line development or SynBio require to screen large cell populations on the single cell level for cells with outstanding characteristics and to isolate them alive. With ARRALYZE you can conduct functional assays and monitor the experiments live – on the single cell level! ARRALYZE’s proprietary technology uses nanowells in glass that enable you to place thousands of cells in a controlled manner onto a footprint of a microscope slide.

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Clone Picking Challenge

Are current selection and isolation techniques in cell line development too harsh for your cells?
Do you need higher viability and faster insights into transduction success?

Let's change that!



Fields of Application

  • Cell and Gene Therapy
  • Monoclonal Antibodies
  • Synthetic Biology
  • Cell Line Development
  • Drug Development
  • and many more

Gentle and Precise Dispensing of Biomaterials

  • Dispensing of small volumes
  • Dispensing of cells with high viability
  • Real-Time monitoring
  • Incubate in controlled environment
  • Recovery of cells alive from wells
  • Sterile environment
  • And many more features

CellShepherd enables you to conduct 1000s of experiments with our ARRALYZE® nanowell glass arrays.

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Logo: ARRALYZE  LPKF Laser & Elektronics