ARRALYZE® Nanoliter Well Arrays

The heart of the ARRALYZE® technology are our glass arrays. Beside our standard product portfolio customized arrays are also available. Contact us for consultation and to request a quotation.



We put freedom of design back into your assays

  • Arrays can be tailored to your experiment
  • Most silicon dioxide-based glass types possible
  • Wide range of shapes and dimensions for shapes feasible



No need to compromise the number of experiments

  • Reduce costs due to small sample volumes
  • Well dimensions to fit single cells and cell clusters
  • High number of parallel experiments due to small footprint





You should trust your experimental results

  • Our chips are 100% glass, an ideal material for bio sciences
  • Contamination due to diffusion suppressed completely
  • No depletion of reagents into glass matrix


Layout examples (top view)

Circular wells

  • min. diameter: 20 µm
  • min. spacing: 10 µm
  • max. aspect ratio (depth:diameter): 40:1

Arbitrary shapes

  • min. diameter: 200 µm
  • min. spacing: 10 µm
  • max. depth: 700 µm

Well shapes (cross section view)


Left: Flat Bottom Well or F-Well; Right: Dimpled Bottom Well or W-Well.

Logo: ARRALYZE  LPKF Laser & Elektronics
Logo: ARRALYZE  LPKF Laser & Elektronics