The ARRALYZE® Platform

One device for dispensing,
screening and isolation of
single cells

The ARRALYZE® Platform

Never before has it been this easy and affordable to conduct functional assays of large cell populations at the single cell level and isolate outstanding cells alive.

The ARRALYZE platform consists of a high-precision workstation - the CellShepherd - for printing, imaging, analyzing and isolating single cells, which works seamlessly with our nanoliter glass well arrays.


Glass Nanowells

Wells with high-aspect ratios

The core of the ARRALYZE advantage is our glass array technology. The innovative proprietary manufacturing process enables us to produce absolutely defect-free small features with high aspect ratios in standard glass types.

Details about Nano-Liter-Wells


The CellShepherd

Most versatile single screening device

This device - the CellShepherd - enables you to screen large cell populations on the single cell level in a sterile environment to identify the most outstanding cells. The microscope allows you to monitor functional assays live and reveal data not accessible otherwise - including cell-cell interactions.

Details about the CellShepherd

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Logo: ARRALYZE  LPKF Laser & Elektronics