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The ARRALYZE Advantages

The core of the ARRALYZE advantage is our glass array technology. The innovative proprietary LIDE manufacturing process enables us to produce absolutely defect-free small features with high aspect ratios in standard glass types. However, we do not limit ourselves to array technology to enable our customers to benefit from all the advantages of ARRALYZE glass arrays. With ARRALYZE, we are striving for a holistic solution that gives our customers the tools to push the frontiers of cellomics even further.

ARRALYZE Advantages


Smaller Features

No need to compromise on the number of experiments!

Our glass wells require very low sample volumes ranging of picoliters to nanoliters, which reduces use of expensive reagents per experiment. The well dimensions have an ideal fit to the size of individual cells and cell clusters, making it easy to find and track cells - a critical feature for high-throughput experiments. The low footprint of the glass arrays allows for a greater number of experiments per area, reducing the overall footprint per experiment. This way you can increase the statistical significance of your experiments in a very economical manner.

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Customizable Arrays

We put freedom of design back into your assays!

With standard assays, your experiments have to be adapted to existing equipment. We believe that the equipment should follow the design of your experiment.  With ARRALYZE you can tailor the array to your cell type and the requirements of the assay. You can also study single cells and clusters of cells in different arrangements up to the tissue level - all on the same array! This way you can expose your cells, clusters and tissues to the same conditions and differentiate characteristics that are caused by the organizational level of the cells.

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Inert Matrix

Do not compromise on quality and rely on your experimental results!

The most critical factor of any study are reliable and reproducible measurements. Avoiding cross contamination is key and can only be guaranteed by 100% inert and stable materials. Most commercial systems cannot fully suppress the inter-compartmental diffusion of reagents and drugs. These effects may be small but can compromise or even devaluate your whole experiment. ARRALYZE arrays consist entirely of glass, one of the most inert materials in bio sciences.

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Live Optical Analysis

Follow the full evolution of your experiments!

Important data can be gained at any stage of biological experiments. The end result might be what you are mainly after, but immediate reactions of the cells to a drug or the behavior of cell clusters over time can yield new insights as well. The ARRALYZER allows for the microscopic analysis of processes inside the microwells at any time: take snapshots, videos and time-lapse series to follow the development of your experiment as detailed as you wish.

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