SLAS 2022 in Boston

Very exciting times! Not only did we exhibit for the first time at the SLAS but also – like many others – could not wait to participate in in-person events after such long time.

SLAS2022 took place in Boston where we showcased our CellShepherd® and discussed the solutions we are providing. The organizers went to great lengths to facilitate a safe interaction between visitors and vendors without compromising the benefits of such in-person events. Therefore, it not only was a lot of fun but a successful event too.

At this three-day event, we met many people from different backgrounds and discussed a variety of applications for which ARRALYZE could be used. We were very pleased to receive all the  positive feedback on our approach, and  also the interest from customers about what other applications they can use ARRALYZE for.

In particular, the high well density with thousands or hundreds of thousands of wells on a small footprint, like a microscope slide, was the subject of many discussions. When we explained that we will not only be able to place and image cells in these nanowells, but also provide the tools to remove them alive after the experiments,  many of our booth visitors were surprised. Here, customers who screen large cell populations at the single cell level and need to eventually isolate champion or other outstanding cells alive were particularly intrigued by our solution. In this context, we discussed how the demands to find better cells in less time have increased. Overall, we saw confirmation that we will be able to offer customers in the areas of cell line development, SynBio or immunotherapy significant advantages over conventional solutions, giving them an edge over their competition. Academic customers were particularly enthusiastic about the possibilities offered by the CellShepherd® for NK cell research. Here, the provision of an affordable workstation that enables the production of more statistically meaningful data and the customization of the glass array were the most attractive features.

The general impression of the SLAS2022 show was entirely positive. Although the number of vendors was not as high as before the pandemic, this year’s SLAS was well attended. A common theme we noticed was that many vendors are offering solutions to digitize lab routines and provide solutions that integrate with existing upstream and downstream workflows to provide a more seamless solution for their customers. We believe that with ARRALYZE we fit very well into this theme and will certainly strive to provide our customers with seamless solutions that integrate well with their existing processes.

With all the great discussions, questions and help from other exhibitors, SLAS2022 was a great event and great success for us. Therefore, the SLAS show will definitely be part of our regular exhibitions and will kick-off the series of annual shows from now on.

Dr. Robin-Alexander Krüger

Dr. Robin A. Krüger
Robin studied chemistry and biochemistry at Philipps University in Marburg, Germany, where he also conducted his doctoral research on fluorescent biomarkers and bacterial photoreceptors. After a postdoctoral stay at the University in Calgary/Canada, he joined LPKF in 2011, where he held various development positions. Since 2020, Robin is leading the ARRALYZE team.

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